Environmental Education

Claire Gray is a qualified teacher, with a PGCE in Further Education.

Our combined work in the field of Environmental Education encompasses:

  • School Ground improvements - yes we can design and create interesting school grounds.
  • Training Courses for Teachers - we have prepared all the training materials and provided training to teachers so that they can inspire their 'charges' to have greater insights into the world, mini-beasts and plants and animals around them.
  • Curricular evaluation and development - we have undertaken research to evaluate the level of inclusion of sustainable development principles in the curricula of Further Education Colleges in South Wales, ranging from hairdressing and accountancy to building and engineering.  This work included the additional training of tutors and researching training material specifically for Construction courses.
    Environmental Evaluation
    We also worked with Caerphilly County Borough Council to develop and pilot environmental design modules in high school art classes and college building courses as preparatory work to ascertain the opportunities to develop accredited Environmental Design courses at A-Level and vocational levels.


  • Events and special days - we are prepared to dress up to highlight special days or events for schools, such as World Environment Day - Claire makes a really good Green Woman!